How We Got Started

Florida has lagged behind the rest of the nation in producing local, craft beer.  Long seen as the province of the north east and west, craft beer has made a huge impact on beer sales nationally.  We wanted to see Florida rise up amongst the ranks of quality craft beer producing states and took it upon ourselves to help see that happen.

Aaron Libera and Gary Holmes decided to open a homebrew shop within the walls of Theo Hollerbach’s Magnolia Square Market in 2011 with his blessing and help with business savvy.  From there we took it to another level with Sanford Homebrew Shop in downtown Sanford, where we could watch and help influence the burgeoning craft beer production industry grow.  In doing so we learned many things about the state of beer in Florida and the problems that arose in the first waves of new breweries opening.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Community Brewhouse will be utilizing a 1/2 barrel and a 5 barrel system on premises, rounding out its offerings to the various levels of brewers. The 1/2 barrel system will allow us to do brew-on-premises for homebrewers who want to take beer to a festival, future brewery owners for the same, special event brewing for people who want to take beer they made to a host of different events and people who just want to take their favorite 5 gallon recipe and scale it up on our system.  We lease the equipment, provide the ingredients and lease the fermentation space.

Who We Are

The team is comprised of prominent figures within the brewing community to include: Aaron Libera who is one of only 63 Advanced Cicerones, head brewer at JW Marriott, and a BJCP certified judge; Gary Holmes who is also a BJCP certified judge and was the bar manager at The Willow Tree Cafe, one of the largest production bars in the South East; Robré “Rob” Shash, applied anthropologist and experienced business manager.

Launch of New Breweries

Open Door to New Brewers

Beer and Brewing Education

Develop Brands Associated with Beer Attraction

Brewhouse Experience

Custom Brewing

With our 5 barrel system, we can take on client custom brewing.  If an existing business or entity wants to “brand” a beer for themselves for at-their-premises sales or distribution, we can walk them through the entire process.  From initial consultation to recipe development all the way to statewide distribution, we can partner with them and make the beer they want, not just slap a label with their logo on an existing product.  We work alongside them every step of the way in producing their very own beer and help them grow the brand through our incredible in-house team.

Pioneering Brewers

For pioneering would-be head brewers, we can offer space, expertise, and ingredients for them to launch their own brand before they even have a brewery, making the process streamlined and coherent, eliminating a lot of the clutter that is involved in starting a beer brewing business. This is achieved by leasing fermentation containers for the aspiring brewer and providing the ingredients, utilities needed to brew, and expertise to guide them along their way.  The final piece will be a fully operational lab that will offer extensive services to breweries state-wide, as well as producing commercial products such as yeast to all levels of consumers.

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